One Measurable Snowfall in the First 18 Days of December

The main weather headline around these parts is the lack of snow. One measurable snowfall in the first 18 days. It is something we haven't witnessed at OSNW3 since we began recording climate data back in November 2006. However, when it comes to averages, it is expected to trend the opposite way after an all-time record setting monthly snowfall in 2008. For snow enthusiasts there is light at the end of the tunnel as snow chances do exist in the final two weeks of the month. For a basic overview of the chances of snow remaining this month visit the OSNW3 LRC analysis blog or get modelitis by visiting the OSNW3 Weather Breif below.

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(OSNW3 December Observations)

(OSNW3 December 2011 Summary)
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December Snows
With one tenth of snow measured so far this month it is easy to imagine where this month ranks all-time in snowfall. There are seven Decembers that recorded no snow but three of the those seven came up with zero snowfall observations. The accuracy of those months are in question. Overall climatology for December in Oshkosh click here.

(Oshkosh December Montly Snowfall Rankings)
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Weekly Snowfall
We recorded one tenth of an inch of snow in the early morning hours of Dec 17.

(Dec 17, 2011 - 0.1")


Front Of House
Gearing up for some snow.

(FOH - Dec 18, 2011)