A Near Miss, Lake Effect Snow, And A Look Back At Meteorological Autumn

What could have been. The annual first week of December storm was in full effect for all of WI, but the case for the eastern portions of the state in 2011 was rain with temps in the 40s. Year after year a storm works it's way into the western Great Lakes the first week of December. Most notable in recent history is Dec 2, 2007. Clicking the links below will open the daily climate for December for that particular year. A radar loop is obtainable by clicking the linked daily weather description. 200612, 200712, 200812, 200912, 201012.

(Snowfall Analysis ending 7am Dec 4, 2011)

We should all be aware that when this storm recurs around Jan 20, 2012 our area could be in the bullseye for the snowfall. Let's hope so! It could make for a snowy Conference Championship game at Lambeau!

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(OSNW3 December 2011 Summary)
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Lake Winnebago Lake Effect Snow
A very rare event took place the night of Dec 2, 2011. A small band of lake effect snow formed off of Lake Winnebago. I can confirm the Winnebago Lake Effect Snow event, however I have to do it without photos unfortunately. There was about a tenth to two tenths of an inch of snow that fell in North Fond Du Lac along highway 45. It provided a nice coating on cars and flat surfaces. Below is a radar snapshot from the Weather Watch 12 team of WISN12 in Milwaukee, and a radar loop from Intellicast. Click images for larger views.

Unfortunately the North Fond Du Lac observer was unable to submit a report the morning of Dec 2 but there was a report from the southwest portion of the city.

FCDW3 FOND DU LAC FOND DU LAC-2 SW 36 19 0.06 0.3(snow) T


Meteorological Autumn
For what seemed like a dry Autumn in 2011 it is actually the 22nd wettest in Oshkosh history. Weather records for Oshkosh date back to 1893. Click image for a larger view.


Front Of House
A snowless December landscape

(FOH - Dec 4, 2011)