Near Stationary Cut-off Low

I took the opportunity to get out in the elements with mother nature as the area faced it's first real taste of a fall storm system. The nearly stationary low blew consistent northeasterly winds the morning of Sep 26. Gusts close to 30 mph stirred Lake Winnebago initiating a moderate wave event on it's western shores.

Some Photos. (Sep 26, 2011)

Some Videos. 4 new ones. (Sep 26, 2001)

The precipitation from this low pressure thus far has tallied 1.23", dropping measurable precipitation on six of seven days. The NWS GRB labeled it as 'pesky', I guess after seven days it could become a bit pesky. Overall though, the weather hasn't been all that nasty. Sep 26 was really the only harsh day. To view the radar loop of the storm entering into the US and then deciding to cut off, click here. (20MB)

Once it turned from cloudy, raining, and windy to sunny and calm on Sep 26, I captured this satellite image. Impressive.