Great Lakes Cyclone V & A Spring Temperature Comparison

The fifth iteration of the 'signature' storm in this years LRC introduced Oshkosh to it's first bout with summer time heat and humidity. That summer feeling lasted a day. Nothing new though as this is how it has been since November. The cycling pattern teasing folks with a glimmer of warmer times ahead. We are now so far into spring that it is just a matter of time until a smaller temperature contrast between the north pole and the equator creates a weaker jet and summer takes hold in our region. With this thought in mind it is worth mentioning that following the LRC one knows that our region should expect a potent warm-up near the end of the month. This thinking is still on track and if one would enjoy following this part of the 2010-11 LRC through its fruition please visit the WeatherWatch12 blog as Jeremy Nelson will provide many opportunities for learning and opinion sharing.

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Great Lakes Cyclone V

It's a theme I have dragged through the mud all season. Calling the 'signature' storm the 'Great Lakes Cyclone'. Why stop now. Personal records and first time weather did take place with this recurrence as it has each and every time through the cycle. For me, I was able to record the largest waves I've ever witnessed on this side of Lake Winnebago. For the area, we enjoyed our first day with 80+ degree temps and 60+ degree dewpoints. Our old pal MarkMartin, who is an OSNW3 precipitation observer and severe weather spotter, shared a photo he took of the sky during the beginning stages of the invading maritime tropical air and moisture. "The MAMMATUS effect was lost as the cloud cover increased, however, I think I got a nice shot looking toward the East". Thank you for sharing MM!

(Clouds In Oshkosh - May 9, 2011)

(Waves on Winnebago - May 15, 2011)

The temperature at the house when we left for the lake was 48 degrees. On the shore it felt more like 40 degrees or less. Winds were whipping! We were bundled up like it was winter. A video of the waves can be found here.


Temperatures: 60°+
Our noticeably cool start to spring prompted me to again count the number of days between Oct 1 and May 31 with maximum temperatures topping 60 degrees. I like to compare the dates of Oct 1 through May 31 because, in my opinion, it is our extended transition in and out of Winter here in WI. Through May 15, 2011 we here at OSNW3 have recorded 32 days since Oct 1, 2010. Dissecting the graphs of previous years and comparing them to this year it is evident that our spring in 2011 has been cooler.

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2010 - May 15, 2011)

Previous Years are below.

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2007 - May 31, 2008)

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2008 - May 31, 2009)

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2009 - May 31, 2010)


Front Of House
I mowed the grass for the first time in 2011. Trees are in bloom and our garden is tilled and ready for planting next weekend.

(Backyard - May 15, 2011)

(FOH - May 15, 2011)