A Cool and Wet April Rolls into May

Total confusion of the senses for my wife and I last week. Shortly after the snowstorm we were jet setting to Jamaica to watch friends of ours tie the knot. My white skin did not fair well against the intense sunshine of the Caribbean. I learned that multiple reapplications of UV defense is necessary. Enough about my ineptitude of skin care. April at OSNW3 was a deluge of historical proportions. As Tony stated in the comments of the last entry, "you might want to consider putting in a rice paddy this year". The entire time we were away standing water was present on the webcam image. It has since receded and just recently started to actually dry out. The drying out trend will attempt to sustain itself until the 'signature' storm of this years LRC returns sometime around May 12. After the storm our cool and soaked spring will continue to roll on. A wonderful cycle of patterns for a snow lover during the winter months but not so for an avid golfer during the spring months.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 April Observations)

(OSNW3 April 2011 Summary)
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Another Historic April
OSNW3 cracked the all-time top ten for Oshkosh in two of three categories in 2011. Precipitation, Snowfall, and Mean Temperature. A link to a list of each category rankings can be found below.

April Precipitation Rankings (3rd most all-time)
April Snowfall Rankings (10th most all-time)
April Mean Temperature Rankings (31st coolest all-time)


Some Jamaica Photos
We were in Negril at a Couples Swept Away all inclusive resort for the wedding. It was nice. I would like to share some sunset and cloud photos I snapped during our travels. The first photo is our first footsteps onto the beach and the sunset. The second is of a sunset a few days into the trip. The third is over Cuba on our return trip. The last is the sunset during our descent into Milwaukee. For a video of our plane plunging into the layer of clouds in the last photo, click here.

(First Footsteps)

(Another Sunset)


(Milwaukee Descent)


Front Of House
It's starting to green up around here.

(FOH - May 1, 2011)