A Typical First Half Of April

I believe the weather we've been experiencing this first half of April is quite typical of what one should expect. A volatile atmosphere swinging up and down as the transition to spring takes place. I will admit I am itching to get out on the golf course. Last year at this time I was closing in on my first 18 being logged into the record book. Thinking back to April 2010, it's shocking to realize that this April to date has been 12.1 degrees cooler regarding daily max temps. However, with only two days above 60 degrees thus far we are still above the Oshkosh average by 2.2 degrees. As for precipitation we are just 4 tenths of an inch below the Oshkosh average. A fairly typical first half of April in my opinion. Still though, I am in search of a warm spell no matter how typical it has been. It would seem one is about two weeks away according to the OSNW3 backyard max temp forecast using the LRC. There is much work to refine the technique, I will admit, but none the less, it verifies over 50% within a 10-15 degree range a month in advance. Speaking of the LRC, I have decided to move my studies to a more specific place on the Internet rather than cluttering up this content. A new blog to view, OSNW3 | Lezak's Recurring Cycle. Keep up with the latest weather for the area by visiting the OSNW3 Weather Brief, we are entering an active period within this years LRC.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 April Observations)

(OSNW3 April 2011 Summary)
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Severe Weather Outbreak
The storms that rolled through the state and specifically Winnebago county last Sunday put this past weeks Severe Weather Awareness week into perspective. We here at OSNW3 luckily made it through unscathed. The northern and southern portions of Winnebago county did not and took a brunt of the severe storm damage. We awed over the light show to our north while the storms were racing through. Sirens were blowing and we were in the basement for about 20 minutes. Scary stuff. Justin Mitchell (Main Street Oshkosh) graciously allowed me to share some of his storm damage photos in this blog entry. They are below and were taken in Menasha. Click the images for a larger view.

Record April Tornado Outbreak in Northeast Wisconsin on April 10, 2011 - National Weather Service in Green Bay

(Menasha Storm Damage - Photos By Justin Mitchell)


First Waves Of Season
A stiff and brisk east northeast wind was howling in off Lake Winnebago the morning of Apr 15. This event marked the first time I've witnessed wave action in 2011. The lake became ice free only a few days prior. Gusts were up around 20mph making the air a bit chilly along the shore. As the day progressed the storm system that was churning to our south creating the wind and waves also created some spectacular cloud formations. Photos below. Click images for the entire photo album.


Front Of House
Slowly but surely the yard is getting cleaned. The budding process has started on some bushes and trees. I hope the burning bush that I trimmed has no trouble beginning a new growing season. Find out what area wildlife are up to by reading the Winnebago Conservation Photography blog. Early spring sights and sounds are abundant.

(FOH - Apr 14, 2011)