Summer Is In The Books

Ending with a week long dry spell, the summer of 2010 was still a deluge for the record books. What seemed like an inevitable feat, August kept OSNW3 out of the top spot for wettest summers of all-time in Oshkosh. Falling just 0.39" short of the 20.80" that fell in 1940 for a second place finish. However, officially, Oshkosh has broken the all-time record recording 0.61" more than the 1940 total at the official COOP site. More on that here and here. This summer also ended up being somewhat warm. The mean temperature for the three months at OSNW3 was 71.55°. Without a maximum temperature above 90° we still finished as the 12th warmest all-time in Oshkosh. OSNW3 recorded 55 days in the 80s and 62 nights in the 60s helping keep the mean temperature elevated. Forecast models are continuing the recent summer trends of warm and wet weather with predictions of above average for both to start the month of September.

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Summer Of 2010
Two words sum it up. Warm and wet.

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Front of House
Things have certainly dried up around the property the last ten days. A special type of weed or grass has sprouted in result. Mow number ten isn't far away. Notice any change in the foliage of the tree across the street?

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