A Sticky Start To July

The dew points have risen well into the 70's around Northeast and Eastcentral Wisconsin this first week of July. Heavy rains have been a result of the moist air around the region. Oshkosh hasn't felt the brunt of the rains thus far though. However, last week Oshkosh did see a 2"+ 24 hour rainfall. Here at OSNW3 we recorded 2.07" during 24 hour period ending at 7am on Jun 27. Some where along the path of the heavy rain came some lightning which surged through the property faulting out the webcam and ethernet port on the server. The server has been repaired but the webcam is still down for maintenance. The short term forecast keeps the area wet and sticky.

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OSNW3 June 2010 Summary
June of 2010 was an active month. We had 20 days with measurable precipitation doubling the Oshkosh long term average which is 9.8 days. It is the most days ever for the month here at OSNW3. We surpassed the Oshkosh monthly average precipitation mark by 2.85". Temperatures started out below average but rebounded during the second half which put us almost a half of degree above average when it was all said and done. No monthly records were broken here at OSNW3. Links to all the data below.

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Front Of House
Landscapes are in full growth mode. Gardens are getting bigger by the hour. We are on mow number 6 with 7 not more than a non rain day away. The rain barrel had it's first real use this past week as it didn't rain for six consecutive days.

(FOH - Jul 5, 2010)

(Garden - Jul 5, 2010)