The Deluge That Is July 2010

In just ten days OSNW3 has recorded another 5.15" of new rainfall. The amount is more than impressive, it's record breaking (rankings). Adding the 5.15" onto the 6.49" recorded during the first fifteen days of July puts us at 11.64" for the month through the 25th. The official precipitation record in Oshkosh for the month of July is 8.40". With a break from it today, Jul 25, temps and dewpoints have continued to be above average keeping things nice and hot around the area. OSNW3 is currently 2° above the official Oshkosh monthly mean for July. Many of the EAA campers are enduring the brunt of the record rainfall and above average temps. I personally hope things dry out and the moist air stays south to help make the fly-in a bit more suitable for being outdoors.

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(OSNW3 July 2010 Summary)

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2010 Summer Precip and Temp
Continuing to keep the recent deluge in perspective, as of Jul 25, OSNW3's Summer (Jun/Jul/Aug) is currently ranked 6th for the all-time wettest in Oshkosh's history. The amount jumped up the leaderboard ten spots since the 18th. The number of Dog Days is creeping upward also. Below are links to the data.

Wettest Oshkosh Summers
Dog Days Of Summer 2010
Dog Days Of Summer 2007-2010


Front Of House
Cut number seven has taken place and eight is not far behind. Click here for a daily webcam video of the flooding rainfall on Jul 22.

(FOH - Jul 25, 2010)