Season Of The Unicorn

The garden is in. Four kinds of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, squash, pumpkin, zucchini and an assortment of herbs. The rain barrel is installed and working as well. As far as the weather is concerned, things have continued to be Summer like. Temperatures have been above normal for the most part and precipitation has been plentiful as of late. The 8-14 day temp/precip forecast from the CPC suggests seasonal temps and above normal precip for our area through Jun 18. Keep up with the evolution of the prediction by using the links in the OSNW3 WxBrief. Unicorns.

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(OSNW3 June 2010 Summary)

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Spring 2010 One of the Warmest Ever
The NWS Green Bay put out a news article mentioning that a few local cities had one of their warmest meteorological Springs ever. Oshkosh is no exception. Similar to Green Bay, Oshkosh experienced it's second warmest Spring of all-time. Records date back to 1893. The average temperature for the months of Mar, Apr, and May was 49.9 degrees here at OSNW3. Only the spring of 1977 was warmer with an average temperature of 51.3 degrees observed at the official Oshkosh observation site. For the all-time rankings, click here.

(Top Five - Oshkosh Warmest Meteorological Springs)

2nd Warmest Spring on Record in Wisconsin


Rain Barrel
It is certainly not pretty, but the rain barrel is in. The barrel is being fed from the roof on the east side of the garage. On Jun 2, 0.18" of rain fell and to my surprise that exact amount of rain filled up the barrel. After a couple of clicks on the calculator, it makes perfect sense, my barrel is indeed 30 gallons. Below are the calculations.

1. Surface area = length * width

East side of my garage roof:
288 sq. feet = 24 feet x 12 feet

2. Raincatch potential per inch of rain = 0.6 gallons * 288 sq. feet
East side of my garage roof:
172.8 gallons per inch of rain = 0.6 gallons * 288 sq. feet

3. Annual raincatch potential = raincatch potential per inch of rain * annual rainfall
East side of my garage roof:
5443.2 gallons = 172.8 gallons per inch of rainfall * 31.57

The first rainfall for the barrel to catch was a perfect one as it proved the volume of the barrel. 0.18" of rainfall, equaling a 30 gallon raincatch, fills up the barrel nicely with good head pressure standing about 2 feet above the ground. We will not be attaching an irrigation system as using buckets is very simple and works just fine for the time being. As for overfilling of the barrel, it currently just spills out the top. The system will evolve in time.

(OSNW3 Rain Barrel)


Front Of House

Still on cut number 4. That will change later this week, no doubt. The hanging flower pots are up and the sides of the house have been trimmed. Summer is here.

On a side note... When the rain gauge for OSNW3 was installed back in Oct of 2006 we decided to attach four wooden stakes to the main poll and drive it into the ground instead of digging a hole. After four Winter seasons the stakes finally gave out and it all came tumbling down. Watch the falling and second coming of OSNW3 here.

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(FOH - Jun 5, 2010)