A Dank First Half

Ever since the rain barrel has been installed there hasn't been an instance where it wasn't completely full. We haven't had to use any of the water in the barrel as 11 of the first 14 days of June have recorded measurable precipitation. The Oshkosh monthly average is 3.66" and here at OSNW3, as of 7am on Jun 14, we've already recorded 2.83". That is 77% of average with half of the month to go yet. Long range forecasts still call for above average precipitation chances for the next two weeks.

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(OSNW3 June 2010 Summary)

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Similar Paths to Oshkosh's Hottest Summers
A hot Summer in Oshkosh isn't always characterized by endless days with highs in 90's and 100's. Overnight minimum temperatures are just as important. Keeping the day's average temp elevated adds to the overall discomfort. Two of Oshkosh's hottest Summers, 1921 and 2005, achieved their exclusive temperature status in slightly different fashions. The Summer of 1921 drubbed 2005 in the number of days in the 90's, but in terms of average minimum temperatures, 2005 outdid 1921.

(Oshkosh's Two Warmest Summers Comparison)

A stark contrast to the above years was the Summer of 2009. Many of us will not soon forget the coolness of last Summer. To put the Summer of 2009 in perspective, it ranks 77 out of the 88 complete Summers that are ranked. The Summer of 1921 was 7.1° warmer than the Summer of 2009. The overall rankings are located here.


Front Of House
Cut number five has taken place. I am getting anxious to trim the trees and bushes that surround the house, they are growing like mad around here.

(FOH - Jun 13, 2010)