The Warm Spring Leaveth

Just as April finished, May begins with warmer than average temperatures here at OSNW3. All things must come to an end however, and our above average temperatures will do just that in the coming days. I know it'll be a rude awakening for myself as the golf course has been a very tolerable place as of late. Usually it's not so in late April, early May. The 14 day temperature outlook has the Great Lakes region in the below average category which may dampen the early Spring spirit.

Addendum - May 5, from the NWS GRB, Tornadoes in Winnebago County. The tornadoes and winds took place about 15 miles to the north from OSNW3. Photos and videos of the sky above OSNW3 around the time of the tornadoes are located here. More photos from the Oshkosh Northwestern located here.

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April Summary
As most everyone knows, this April was much warmer than any other normal April. Because of the warmth the flowers and trees bloomed and leafed out much earlier, the lake fly hatch was the earliest hatch in 50 years and I was cutting my grass before May, just to name a few. The pace of everything Spring was quick, early and often. Here at OSNW3 the 2010 April mean temperature ranks 3rd all-time in Oshkosh at 51.9°. We ended the month in the top 20 all-time for precipitation and snowfall as well. A stellar month in every aspect.

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April 2010 monthly summary data and graph links below.

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Latest NWS Newsletter is Online
The Spring/Summer edition of the Packerland Weather News, the NWS Green Bay newsletter, is online. Click here to read about the latest information from the NWS office in Green Bay.


Front Of House
I've cut the grass twice this season, all before my first cut last year. (May 3, 2009)

(FOH - May 3, 2010)