Lulz of Irony

In a few days span this past week we saw tornadoes and snow in east-central WI. Tornadoes on Wed, May 5 and snow on Fri-Sat, May 7-8 (more on this below). Together they provided a full range of Mother Nature's offerings. Temperatures have remained below average since May 7, even dipping below freezing in some parts of the region. The chilly temps are of no surprise as March and April were way above average and it was just a matter of time until an air mass flip-flop occurred. Looking forward, the long range forecast suggests that the cold air moves out and warm air moves in.

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Weekly Snowfall
Looking back at the official monthly snow totals for Oshkosh it seems the last measurable snowfall happened on May 9, 1960. However differing data would suggest it was 1990. We here at OSNW3 had never recorded a snowflake in the month of May until this past week. First analysis was that it had not snowed, but once I was able to view the daily webcam video it was evident that it had. Between 10pm and 1am a small accumulation worked its way onto the grass. Being unable to be out there to record an observation it will go down as a Trace. Never the less, it snowed in May of 2010. Click here for the radar. Below are links to other regional blog entries with information on the snowfall.

Tim - Duluth, MN
Nathan - Northern WI
Derek - Northwest WI
Doug - Oshkosh Northwestern

As the system departed, due to the cold air above the surface, unstable conditions helped develop showers across much of the area. Some of the showers produced very small hail, as witnessed by my wife late afternoon on Sat, May 8. The showers were short lived so I have no physical evidence of the hail, just her word (which is more than enough in my opinion). Below are a few photos of my drive home from Kohler around 6:30pm that evening.


Front of House
Do to my recent work schedule I was unable to cut the grass before the rains moved in. My third cut will have to wait until it dries up. On a side note, I am having a difficult time remembering what we planted in our part of the garden that has random plants/flowers in it. Help?

(FOH - May 11, 2010)