Ah, Ah, Ah... Choo!

When last week hit it's mid point, May 2010 had the feel of late March. By the time this coming week hits it's mid point, May 2010 will have the feel of early June. We've certainly been on the normal May roller coaster ride thus far, but as I type this, I cannot ask for better weather for this time of year. Temperatures in the mid 60's with plenty of sunshine and light winds. The garden has been tilled, the brush has been sized and burned, and the basswood in the back yard is flowering and starting to show it's fruit. Summer is approaching.

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Climate Averages
As May passes it's mid point we here at OSNW3 are currently 85% of the Oshkosh average for precipitation (2.59" of 2.96"), and currently 4.7° below the Oshkosh monthly mean temperature (53.1° of 57.8°). All official climate averages for Oshkosh can be found by visiting the Midwest Regional Climate Center or the National Weather Service - Green Bay and using their NOWData tools. Official climate averages are determined by a 30 year period and are updated every 10 years. Our current averages are for the years 1971-2000, and in 2011 they will be updated to cover the 1981-2010 30 year period.


CoCoRaHS Message of the Day

As I finished entering one of my daily observations on the CoCoRaHS site this past week, the message of the day caught my attention. The message is below.

"Sunrise, sunset . . . swiftly flow the days" so goes the song from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof". The warmer weather of May brings us outdoors making many of us more aware of the time of sunrise and sunset as the days continue to lengthen over the next month. We are awoken by early morning sunshine and still have time to work outdoors in our gardens or play softball after dinner. If you're interested in sunrise/sunset times, and how they change for anywhere in the country, you may wish to pay a visit to the U.S. Naval Observatory website: “Naval Observatory” They also specialize in such obscure, but critically important information such as twilight -- the amount of light visible before sunrise and after sunset. So this weekend when you are outdoors take note of when then sun sets in your neck of the woods.


OSNW3 Website Additions
I've been meaning to put the "days with measurable precipitation" data onto the site for quite sometime. I finally made the time. The data is linked on the Observations page located to the right of the Annual Precipitation link in the Daily Observations area.


Front of House
I mowed on May 14 which brings my yearly total of mows to three. Front of House shots are here, and the daily noon webcam shots are here.

(FOH - May 16, 2010)