State of the 2009-10 OSNW3 Winter

This past week had Spring written all over it. A mean temp 9.2° above the average mean, and .69" of rainfall didn't give any lasting Winter feel much chance to stick around. Six of the seven days experienced fog as well. On one of those days dense morning fog delayed Oshkosh schools two hours. Forecast models stay in Spring mode this coming week which will officially close out Winter here at OSNW3. The following week things cool down though and there are hints at chances of frozen precipitation Mar 20-26. I wouldn't mind another snow storm or two before the month is out and the chances exist, so that excites me.

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OSNW3 Winter 2009-10
After another observation of above freezing max temps and no snow depth on Mar 14, two more observations of the same conditions will officially bring winter to an end here at OSNW3. Making Mar 16, 2010 the day winter ended for the 2009-10 winter season. More on this topic next week.

(Current OSNW3 2009-10 Winter Duration Graph)

Watch the snow vanish from OSNW3 by clicking here. It's a time lapse video from Mar 3 thru Mar 13. On Mar 3 things were still looking a bit Winter-ish, not much any more. The FOH and NOON time lapse slide shows can be viewed by following this link.


Southeast GA
I was in Savannah this past week for work. When I arrived at noon on Monday the sun was shining with a temp in the low 70's. It was a nice feeling. Weather wise things only got better the rest of the week. Tuesday handed me a fantastic sunrise and sunset. Wednesday morning provided a rainbow that followed me all the way to the mill and I chilled poolside late evening. Thursday it rained the entire day filling roadside swales and lawns with water. Friday brought clouds to Savannah, but with the clouds, the humidity, and temps in the 70's, it felt like June in Wisconsin all week. It was a great pleasure visiting SE Georgia. However, with only clouds hanging around in Savannah on Friday, many thunderstorms were working their way east to the north. One place in particular, Atlanta. You know what happens in Atlanta when t-storms roll through? The airport shuts down and that ripples throughout all other regional airports. Regardless, two positive things did occur that Friday. One, while on my first flight as the plane descended into ATL through the layers of clouds we were greeted with a beautiful cloudscape. Most notable, the clouds that I was face to face with out my window... mammatus! I couldn't believe my eyes. I took a quadruple take, and then looked again. I was glued to my window for minutes until we eventually flew away from them. I was convinced of what I saw, but without photos to prove it I leave only these feeble words. I should have been better prepared knowing we were flying through storms and such. ARGH! Two, I eventually got home. :)


Front Of House
My wife said to me before I left a week ago that all the snow would be gone by the time I got home. Sure enough. Time to rake and help the grass come back to life.

(FOH - Mar 14, 2010)

(Miller Bay - Mar 13, 2010)