Spring is Here

It's official, Winter is over. The morning observation on Mar 16 was the sixth straight day with an above freezing max temp with no snow depth to record. That is the exact criteria defining the end of Winter here at OSNW3. Winter started back on Dec 12, 2009 lasting 95 days. For more information about Winter's Duration please click here and here. Shortly after Winter ended however, the winds shifted and a few snow flakes accumulated around town. It was nice to see a bit more of Winter as I personally feel it's a little too early for all this Spring stuff. Forecast trends show that Oshkosh can expect near average temps with little precipitation for the foreseeable future.

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A Warm and Dry Start to March
Warm weather this month has led to a quick snow melt around the region. Through Mar 21, the average temperature at OSNW3 is 37.3° which is 5.8° degrees above average. It has also been fairly dry. Only 0.80" of precipitation has been recorded through Mar 21. This ranks 17th driest out of 103 recorded years w/o missing data. As would be expected with the warmth and dryness, the lack of snowfall is also notable. In fact, through Mar 21, only 1" of snow has been recorded, ranking this as the 7th least snowy start to March out of 83 recorded years w/o missing data. Average March precipitation is 2.18", and average snowfall is 7.6".

Complete rankings of the warmest, driest and least snowy months of March are below.

Snowfall Rankings
Precipitation Rankings
Mean Temperature Rankings


Weekly Snowfall
Early last week there were signs that the region would experience a snow storm at some point around the weekend. As the week progressed the chances dwindled. The storm system dipped a bit further south and Oshkosh was only grazed as it passed by.

(Mar 20, 2010 - 0.4")


Front Of House
Will this be the last measurable snowfall of the season? I decided to post the FOH from Saturday Mar 20, instead of today Mar 21, as the yard had a light snow cover on top of the dormant brown grass.

(FOH - Mar 20, 2010)