Out Like A Lamb Too?

Most of the region is experiencing the same climate deviations as Oshkosh is this Month. Warmth and dryness. Our friends in Duluth, MN and Clayton, WI report a snow less March along with the warmth and dryness. For us here at OSNW3, we've recorded an inch of the white stuff and the Oshkosh WWTP has recorded 0.3" thus far (more stations). These numbers are very low and are in the top 10 of the least snowiest March's ever for Oshkosh. Also, OSNW3 has recorded ZERO days with a max temp below freezing. If the month ends this way it will be ranked at the top with four other March's in which no days recorded a max temp below freezing. 1977, 1973, 1942, and 1910. Complete rankings can be found here. Looking forward, forecast discussions suggest a warm up of Summer like proportions. Wildlife is abundant and only to become more so.

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(OSNW3 March 2010 Summary)

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Ice Shoves - 2010
After the 24+ day warm up, Mar 25 was cold and windy. A strong NNE wind pushed ice up onto shorelines all along our side of Lake Winnebago. As I drove north on hwy 45 from Fond du Lac I noticed large mounds of ice on private shores. I am glad the ice piled up on a public shore as I was able to snap some photos. Compared to last year, the ice isn't as thick. The chunks this year are about six inches thick while last years were more like a foot and a half. It's no wonder, though, as March has been unusually warm. (2009 Ice Shove Photos)

(Ice Shoves - Menominee Park - Mar 25, 2010)


Thunderstorms In Our Future?

Probably not any time soon, but Derek's forecast hints at them in northwestern WI more than a week out. With that in mind, it's been 212 days and counting, since we've experienced a thunderstorm here at OSNW3. I would imagine I could say all of Oshkosh as well. Aug 29, 2009 was the last day with a thunderstorm. Below is a listing of thunderstorms that occurred at OSNW3 since observations began in Nov of 2006.

2007 - 14
2008 - 19
2009 - 16


Front Of House
I haven't seen any chipmunks yet. I wonder if they know something the rest don't?

(FOH - Mar 28, 2010)