I was out of town for work this past week. Down south in Monroe, LA. Working in Crossett, AR. As most of you know it snowed down there. More on my experience later. Back home, here at OSNW3, a Winter Storm Warning was in effect early in the week. In my absence my wife and daughter took over the observing responsibilities. They did an awesome job during the storm... being in the elements twice a day taking observations documenting a fluffy snowfall the first round and a wind driven snowfall the second round. I was available via phone support but none was needed. Over the years the OSNW3 precipitation observing crew has become a devoted and reliable bunch!
(OSNW3 February Observations)

(OSNW3 February 2010 Summary)

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Weekly Snowfall
Oshkosh was under a Winter Storm Warning early this week. As the storm moved closer to the area, two separate bands of Lake Effect snow developed off of Lake Michigan and dropped nearly an inch at OSNW3. Once the storm moved in the snow and wind picked up. LES totaled 0.7" and the storm totaled 4.1". More on the storm can be found here, via the NWS GRB.

(Feb 8, 2010 - 0.7")

(Feb 9-10, 2010 - 4.1")


My Longest Drive Ever
As stated before, I spent last week in Monroe, LA and drove to Crossett, AR each day for work. On my drive, to catch my flight home on Feb 12, from Monroe, LA to Jackson, MS I got to drive through the snow storm that crippled the region. My flight was canceled to say the least and to make a long story short, I decided to keep my rental and drive to Oshkosh that day. The drive started at 630am and lasted until 11:30pm. I stopped three times for fuel. I felt like a trucker. Driving 1050+ miles in 17 hours is the longest drive I've endured thus far in my short life.

WxWatcher requested a few photos of the landscape while I was there. I did the best I could in the time that I had. If I would've had more opportunities during the day light hours I would have taken many more meaningful photos. Please click the map for the photos.

(My Longest Drive Ever - Feb 12, 2010)

The first hand full of photos are of driving back/forth from Monroe to Crossett during the week. After that the photos mostly show the snow from Thursday pm through Friday am and the remainder of my drive home to Oshkosh. I still can't believe I drove 1050+ miles in one day, willingly.

A radar loop of the southern snow storm can be found here.


Front Of House
It's the middle of February, and it looks like it too.

(FOH - Feb 14, 2010)