El Nino Bashing

Lately the snowfall around here has been of an oddity. I somewhat feel like the area has shifted into another climate classification zone. The snow falls, accumulates, and then it melts. If the observer isn't around to make an observation just as the snow stops, it'll be gone within a few hours. Maximum temperatures have been above 30°F for the past 8 days, and with the strength of the February sun, all the ingredients are there to quickly melt away any new snow. As of the morning observation on Feb 22, we have a 6" snow depth. Maintaining that depth until the end of the month seems impossible, however there are chances of snow Tue and Wed that may help prolong it.
(OSNW3 February Observations)

(OSNW3 February 2010 Summary)

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Weekly Snowfall
With two snows succumbing to the situation mentioned above, we did have a couple of snows actually stick around long enough to be measured at OSNW3. Our total days with measurable snowfall for the month are once again above average. The total snowfall for the month is also above average, making it the fourth consecutive February with above average snows. Are we starting a trend, or am I to assume February will take the year off in 2011?

Days With Measurable Snow

(Feb 16, 2010 - 1.0")

(Feb 22, 2010 - 1.4")


Marquette, MI
I was in Marquette, MI this past weekend for the UP200. Beautifully cloudless skies and warm temperatures didn't break our spirits. We still went to church and kept the faith. The photo below is of a buddy and I attempting to get closer to Lake Superior. Photo courtesy of Casey Kessenich. Nice!

(Presque Isle - Marquette, MI - Feb 20, 2010)


Front Of House
I got lucky snapping the FOH shot for this entry early Monday morning. It was snowing! How long will this scene last, though? I recall WeatherScout tossing around an idea about guessing the last day with a measurable snow depth at OSNW3. I'd like to add the last day of winter at OSNW3 to that idea. Here goes nothing... (see comments)

(FOH - Feb 22, 2010)