Hello February

The past month has been abnormally quite. The snow pack has turned from fluffy goodness to a frozen slab of ice two inches thick. One thing that could be considered neat about the current frozen snow pack is that you can walk on top of it with out sinking in. I know, it's a reach for positivity. Hopefully February has something winterish in store for little ol oshkosh. The monthly summary for January can be viewed by clicking the graph below. (OSNW3 January Observations)

(OSNW3 January 2010 Summary)

(click on graph for the month summary data - it will open a new tab/window)


Weekly Snowfall
We got a dusting of snow as the system that dropped all that rain moved on out.

(Jan 26, 2010 - 0.3")


January Flop
The lack of moisture during the month may not have been noticed by everyone in town due to the decent snow pack for most of the month and the countless days with a trace of snow, but it stared me down each and every morning. As a matter of fact, the past two January's have been considerably below average in both precipitation and snowfall. Quite odd in the snowfall department as January is usually the month that averages the most snow in Oshkosh (12.4"). Last year the cause may have been a strong NW flow keeping us dry and cold and this year the cause is most likely El Nino related keeping us dry and warm. Linked below is a ranking of back to back January's for precipitation and snowfall, along with a breakdown of all-time January precipitation and snowfall totals. January 2009 and 2010 together cracked the top 15 for both (lowest to highest), coming in at 14th least for precipitation and 7th least for snowfall. An interesting fact about this January is that a Trace or more of snow fell on 16 of 31 days, but yet less than 4" accumulated.



2009-2010 Winter Precipitation Comparison
As the second month of the meteorological winter closes I'd like to share a comparison of "active" CoCoRaHS observer data from Winnebago County. We have three observers in Oshkosh and one in Omro. I've also included the official NWS station for Oshkosh in the comparison. A map with each location is below.¹ From the data it would seem that the western portion of Winnebago County has seen more snow and precipitation than the eastern portion. The Omro station comes in with the highest precipitation and snow total so far this meteorological winter. The big difference being the snowstorm on Dec 8-9. Omro reported 6" of additional snow for the second day of the storm while the Oshkosh reports came in with an inch or two. Please click the map below for the comparison data set. It will open up in a new page/tab.

(Observer Locations)

¹ Currently there are no CoCoRaHS observers in the northern areas of the county. There are two NWS observers in Neenah but that data is unobtainable via the Internet as far as I know.


Front Of House
The other day I finally remembered to put the 2009 FOH time lapse together. As for right now, we sure could use some new snow.

(FOH - Jan 31, 2010)