El Nino vs Old Man Winter

The Oshkosh battle match between El Nino and Old Man Winter is tight. Old Man Winter is holding strong, like the veteran he is, but this seasons El Nino has stamina, delivering punch after punch bringing Old Man Winter to his knees. Currently as I type this we have a 3" snow pack which bodes well for the old man. Forecasts are calling for a pattern change that will put the El Nino blows on retreat. Temps are predicted to fall back to average levels and with a snow depth greater than an inch there is little doubt winter will fail to continue (WSD). (OSNW3 January Observations)

(OSNW3 January 2010 Summary)

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Winter Season Duration
As our latest bout with El Nino comes to a close the once wintry scene around Oshkosh is now a dirty sloppy mess. I am relatively confident that a mid-season flip to Spring, like the 2005/06 winter season, is not in our future. Winter will continue. The OSNW3 winter time lapse can be found here.

(2009-2010 Winter Season Duration Graph)

Keeping with the El Nino theme, the list below is a ranking of Oshkosh's all-time warmest January's. January of 2010 ranks 29th all-time with a current mean temp of 20.6°. (The El Nino data is from this PDF, originally from CoCoRaHS Chris).

(Warmest January Rankings)

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Front Of House
Not too bad in the front yard, but it's getting real ugly on streets with heavy traffic. UGH, I forgot to take down the xmas lights!

(FOH - Jan 24, 2010)