November Warmth

November of 2009 has come in like a lion. Pleasant weather with above average temps and sunny skies. The sites and sounds of yard clean-up are all around. The weather pleasantries are forecast to continue into the week as well. This puts a strain on some of the predictions for this upcoming Winter at OSNW3.
(OSNW3 November Observations)

(OSNW3 November 1-8 Summary)

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The Growing Season 2009
As I was adding the most recent images to my "green up" time lapse, I wondered what exactly it was I was trying to do with them. The first idea that came to mind was to present a "growing season". I am unsure of the possibilities, but one thing is certain, our first freezes are easily noticeable and I think that is pretty cool.

(The Growing Season 2009)

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Front Of House
I Cut the lawn for the last time this season. From what I can tell, this cut would be cut number 8. Winter is near, I can sense it. :)

(FOH - Nov 8, 2009)