Oshkosh's Top Ten Coolest Octobers

Temperatures have been below average all around the Midwest so far this month, and because of it, regional NWS offices have been hard at work comparing this year to previous years. The NWS GRB ranked the top 5 coolest starts to October for Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton and Rhinelander. See data here. The NWS MKE ranked the top 10 coolest starts to October for Milwaukee and Madison. See data here. Neither of the offices reported on Oshkosh, so I felt it necessary to rank our top 10 coolest Octobers. After a few hours massaging the mother load of daily observations for Oshkosh since 1893 (see data here - 11M) I was able to parse out rankings of the mean temps for the month of October. Currently October of 2009 is the sixth coolest. The Rankings are listed below.

(Oshkosh's Top Ten Coolest Octobers)

Along with the rankings, I parsed out the actual daily observations from those years. Each of the years data tells a different story, but yet have one thing in common. It was chilly. To see the daily observations for the top 10 coolest Oshkosh Octobers please click here.

With it only being the 21st day of the month, it is conceivable that the mean temperature for October in 2009 could drop a degree and put it into the top five. However, 7 day forecasts are predicting max temps in the low 50's, most likely putting the kabash to that idea. I will revisit these rankings at the end of the month. It's been a fun little project.


To see what the persistent cold air mass has done in MO, please see WxWatcher's entry here.