Sweet September

A pleasant beginning to September has greeted all of Northeast Wisconsin. Plentiful sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and not a drop of precipitation. There isn't much to speak of weather wise... only that an abrupt change is forthcoming... but not until next weekend. (OSNW3 September Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | September 1 - 6)
Max Avg: 75.2 / 71.2 / -4.0
Min Avg: 60.0 / 52.6 / -7.4


Front Of House
I've cut the grass 7 times in 2009. I see a few more opprotunities before the growing season comes to an end. Our garden has produced one solid batch of salsa thus far and as September continues onward more batches will be produced. As far as "color", there is plenty of it around giving the landscape a sweet autumn feel.

(FOH - Sep 6, 2009)

(Tree Across The Street - Sep 6, 2009)

(Tree At End Of Street - Sep 6, 2009)

(Green-up Continuation - Through August, 2009)

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