Sweet September Continues...

The pleasant beginning to September has crept into the second full week. Plentiful sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and not a drop of precipitation are the conditions that continually grace Northeast WI. The down side to all of this is the lack of precipitation. Currently we here at OSNW3 are in the 3rd longest consecutive streak without precipitation since conception back on Nov 1, 2006.
(OSNW3 September Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | September 1 - 13)
Max Avg: 70.7 / 74.3 / +3.6
Min Avg: 56.9 / 56.0 / -1.0


Lack Of Precipitation
Since Nov 1, 2006 there have only been two longer streaks without precip at OSNW3 than the current streak we are experiencing. As of today, Sep 13, 2009, we are 14 days in. The second longest occurred earlier this year and the longest occurred in early 2007.

1. Feb 5, 2007 thru Feb 23, 2007 (19 days)
2. Apr 2, 2009 thru Apr 18, 2009 (17 days)
3. Aug 31, 2009 thru ???

(OSNW3 - Consecutive Days Without Precipitation)


Front Of House
The landscape is becoming more and more colorful as the days go on. I think we're a couple weeks ahead of scheduled foliage compared to last year, but we'll find a definite answer once October rolls around.

(FOH - Sep 13, 2009)

(Tree Across The Street - Sep 13, 2009)


A Late Summer Fog
I drove to Sheboygan, WI this past Friday for work. Once I got south of Oshkosh on Hwy 45 I was greeted with some fog. I took as many random quick pics as I could with out running off the road. The photos do not do it justice and there were some formations that I regret not stopping to photograph. (more photos)

(Fog - Sep 11, 2009)