A Cool Start To June

The heat is on... inside the house. Temperatures were seasonable for the most part this past week with a weekly max of 77.0°, but no more then 12 hours after that reading the temperature fell 25° and then didn't move much the following day. Currently as I type this (15:30-Jun 7), the temp stands at 56.7° threatening yet another low max daily temperature record. Precipitation was light early in the week, but as the week came to an end a system pushed through dropping nearly a half inch of rain. Foliage is thick around here and it's getting close to my favorite part of Summer, when everything is at it's peak green. (OSNW3 June Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | June 1 - 7)
Max Avg: 72.0 / 69.1 / -2.9
Min Avg: 57.0 / 48.6 / -8.4

(June 2009 Precipitation | June 1 - 7)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.45"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 3.66"
Precip.. -3.21"


Record Low Max Broken?
On June 6, 2009 OSNW3's recorded max temperature for the 24 hour period topped out at 54.7°. The all time record low max temperature for Oshkosh on June 6 is 55°, set back in 1943. Unofficially, if the data wasn't rounded, a new record would have been set. Even with a tie, it's abnormally cool for this time of year. Below is a graph of mean temperatures for June 1-7 dating back to 2000. Analyzing the data, 2001 comes in on top (or bottom) with a chilly mean temp of 53.4°. 2009 stands as the second coolest opening week of June since 2000.

(June 1-7 | Mean Temperature)

For the complete data set used for the summary, please click here.


Front Of House
No grass cutting took place this past week...

(FOH - June 7, 2009)

... and in honor of watching the grass grow, my continuation of the "Webcam Green-up".

(High Noon, Apr 11 - Jun 6)