Aprils Rollercoaster Ride

This past week we saw measurable precipitation each day with one of the days even seeing measurable snow. Temperatures started out quite a bit below average but slowly worked their way back and by the end of the week shot through the roof. They spiked for one day, Apr 24, as the temp rose to 79.7° with dewpoints topping 60°. No sooner then the spike, they fell back to below average once again. The roller coaster ride that is April has been an exciting one this second half of the month in 2009. (OSNW3 April Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | April 1 - 26)
Max temp: 54.3 / 52.8 / -1.5
Min temp: 37.5 / 34.5 / -2.9

(April 2009 Precipitation | April 1 - 26)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 2.74"
Snow.... 0.1"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 2.87"
Snow.... 1.5"
Precip.. -0.13"
Snow.... -1.4"


Days Above 60° Continued
Continuing the graph for "Days Above 60" we can see that the warm temperatures of last weekend didn't last long. One more day of above 60° has been added to the total since Oct 1, 2008. The total now stands at 20.

(Days Above 60° thru Apr 26, 2009)


A Wet Week
The mass of precipitation was in direct correlation with the passing frontal boundaries we witnessed this past week. After the slow moving Low finally moved out of the area on Apr 22, the atmosphere continued to squeeze out minor accumulations of precipitation each day until the next large system reached the area. Referencing the "April 2009 Precipitation" graph above, the consecutive day accumulations stand out fairly well. It was much needed as the first half of the month had been very dry. A total of 2.48" accumulated
Apr 20-26. (click image for radar loop)

(Radar loop from Apr 20-26, 2009)


Snowfall Apr 20
The radar loop referenced above is evidence that the Oshkosh area saw plenty of snowflakes early in the week. With snow falling for an extended period of time on Apr 21, the only accumulation came the day prior, as an early morning, quick and slushy accumulation. The snow never accumulated, on Apr 21, melting on contact.

(0.1" measured @ 7:30am on Apr 20 - Total 0.1")

(Morning Video - Apr 20)

For more on the snow that fell this past week, primarily in the Northwoods of WI, and the Western UP, please visit Nathan's blog entry, "Snow returned to WI on April 20th!".


Winter's "Firsts & Lasts"
With my gut telling me we've seen the last of any Winter weather this season, I decided to publish the 2008-2009 Winter's "First & Lasts". This Winter was somewhat similar to last year as each broke 100 days of duration, but quite different in that half the total snow came during one month this season, December (all-time record).

(Winter's Firsts & Lasts)


Front Of House
The birch tree is budding...

(FOH - Apr 26, 2009)