Pen Pals - Mar 2, 2009

Mar 2, 2009 proved to be an active day around certain parts of the US. With close friends living in the areas affected, they kindly shared their photos and experiences with us. We start in Milwaukee, WI where Lake Effect snow blanketed the area with 14.2" at the airport. Out East we venture to Arlington, VA. Then to New York City in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Milwaukee, WI
Report as of 10am on Mar 2, 2009
"We have over a foot, beautiful!"

(Photos submitted by Tracy Grindatti)

More info on the snow from the National Weather Service - Milwaukee, here. The OSNW3 radar loop here.


Arlington, VA
Report as of 10am on Mar 2, 2009
"Yeah so we got anywhere between 4 and 7 inches since last night. It has stopped snowing at the moment and the sun has come out so I'd assume its near the end. There's a lot of blowing and drifting still occurring but for the most part this storm has been a lot of hype and no substance. They canceled all of the schools last night before the storm even started. The federal government is on a two hour delay today, or people can take off but they have to use vacation time. I, of course, have to come in because I'm from Wisconsin and everyone expects me to be here. No big deal. The news last night was telling everyone to go stock up on bread, milk, batteries, and those sorts of things. Its actually quite comical the way they handle things. Only one of my employees showed up for work today. People don't cope well with the white stuff out East."

(Photos submitted by Matt Bolssen)

Manhattan, NY
Report as of 11am on Mar 2, 2009
"We only got 7 inches near Central Park."

(Photos submitted by Scott Quimby)

Brooklyn, NY
After the storm

(Photos submitted by Guy Oliveri)

More info on the snow from the National Weather Service in NY and MD, here, and here. OSNW3 US radar loop here.


It also snowed down South. Other blogs featuring photos of the southern snow are Dewdrop and the WGN Weather Center (scroll down for the southern snow).