Lion or Lamb?

This past week began a little chilly but that soon changed. Five days above freezing with three of them in the middle 40's. Precipitation was at a minimum with all of it falling during the fourth Winter storm of the season. It was a whopper as it almost dumped our entire months worth of snow. I was fortunate enough to have driven through the entire system and get my family home safely. Click here for the storm recap. (OSNW3 March Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | March 1 - 9)
Max temp: 28.8 / 32.5 / +3.7
Min temp: 11.9 / 17.4 / +5.5

(March 2009 Precipitation)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.97"
Snow.... 6.6"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 2.18"
Snow.... 7.6"
Precip.. (1.21")
Snow.... (1.0")


The Drive
As we awoke on Mar 8, 2009 I noticed the thermometer read 65° and the clock one hour behind. My initial thought was to get the heck out of dodge asap. We did just that, leaving STL around 8am. As we left, skies were partly cloudy but as we ventured further north, conditions slowly but surely deteriorated. The temps dropped and the winds picked up. A long story short, (and a bit exaggerated) we drove through tornadoes and blizzards to arrive home, safely, 8 hours later.

(North of Springfield, IL - Becoming cloudy)

(North of Bloomington, IL - Storm on the horizon)

(North of Peru, IL - Thunderstorm, heavy rain, gusty winds)

(North of Madison, WI - Freezing rain and wind)

(North of Rosendale, WI - Snow and wind)

Along with these few photos, I also captured videos of the conditions while I drove. You can find them at the end of the snowstorm photo album here. Check them out, they're kinda ridiculous. :)

Also, there are some photos of the storms and flooding in IL on the WGN blog. I can attest that there were "rivers" flowing rapidly on the side of the highway into the fields. I was unable to get photos of the flooding as it was just too difficult to get good side shots while cruising down the highway.


Front Of House
Snow on top of snow. Nice.

(FOH - Mar 9, 2009)