Winter's Return

It was an active week to our most recent standards. Roller coaster temperatures and two bouts with snow. Enough to bring our monthly snowfall total over the average. My wife Alicia joined in the action as she held down the obs over the weekend when the majority of the snow fell on Saturday, Feb 21. Thanks Alicia!
(OSNW3 February Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2009 / 2009 | Feb 1 - 22)
Max temp: 23.9 / 32.5 / +8.6
Min temp: 9.5 / 15.5 / +6.1

(February 2009 Precipitation)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.86"
Snow.... 7.7"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 1.09"
Snow.... 7.2"
Precip.. (0.23")
Snow.... 0.5"


The NWS predicted a 4-7" snowfall for Feb 18, we received only 2.1". For the system that rolled through on Feb 21 a 1-3" snowfall was forecast, we received 4.0".

Snowfall Feb 18 (radar loop / daily video)
(1.2" measured @ 1:55am on Feb 18)(video)

(0.7" measured @ 6:40am on Feb 18)

(Looking East @ 8am on Feb 18)

Another 0.2" fell after the above obs, bringing the total to 2.1"

Snowfall Feb 21-22 (radar loop / daily video)
(1.5" measured @ 8:24am on Feb 21)

(2.5" measured @ 9:01am on Feb 22 - Total 4.0")


Marquette, MI - Feb 20-22
The annual trip to MQT for the UP200 did not disappoint in 2009. Lake Superior was frozen over but it was made up for by the 6" of snow that fell during our time there. Most of it from LES overnight on Feb 21. Winds were light with seasonable temperatures. However, as the snow stopped for a time in MQT early on Feb 22 a large LES band continued to extend southeast from the lake to Rapid River. We were inside the heavy LES (radar) for 20 minutes on our return home. It was the most intense snow driving I've experienced since the last LES band I drove through. The photos below are some highlights from each day. More photos are located here.

(Washington Street - Feb 20)

(Litte Presque - Feb 21)

(Lower Harbor - Feb 22)

As Chris (CoCoRaHS Blog) stated in a recent entry, the NWS Marquette broke the 200" mark this season. There's more on that story here, and for more snow data on areas around Marquette check out the CoCoRaHS data by clicking here. I can attest, there is a lot of snow on the ground in and around Marquette, MI. It's exciting.


Front Of House
Winter has made a return for now!

(FOH - Feb 22, 2009)