Snowstorm Deprivation Syndrome

SDS! Dewdrop said I could say it, and so... the insignificance continues. We had many forecasts of moderate accumulations, but in the end received just above a Trace on each occasion. At least the temperatures remained below freezing for most of the week (unlike last year). I am looking forward to the cold snap and the possible accumulating snow a few clippers may bring. It's a great time of year, get out there and enjoy it! (OSNW3 January Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | Jan 1 - 11)
Max temp: 32.3 / 25.6 / -6.7
Min temp: 21.8 / 9.1 / -12.7

(January 2009 Precipitation)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip 0.31"
Snow 1.2"
Oshkosh Average
Precip 1.35"
Snow 12.4"
Precip (1.04")
Snow (11.2")


The snow that fell this week was very light. A clipper was forecast to bring up to 4" to Oshkosh on Jan 9, but the system dove south and just clipped us on it's north side. (Jan 8-11, 2009 us radar loop). After the clipper passed and another system was moving through to our south, east/northeast winds picked up off of Lake Michigan and brought some LES on Jan 10 (radar loop - most of it wasn't caught on radar as you'll see).

Snowfall Jan 6
(0.3" measured @ 6:25am on Jan 7 - Total 0.3")

Snowfall Jan 7
(0.2" measured @ 6:16pm on Jan 7 - Total 0.4")

Snowfall Jan 9
(0.2" measured @ 6:09pm on Jan 9 - Total 0.2")

Snowfall Jan 10
(0.1" measured @ 1:13pm on Jan 10 - Total 0.1")


Full Wolf Moon
Nathan (Northern Wisconsin Weather) informed his blog readers of the full moon on Jan 10-11, named the Full Wolf Moon, marking the moon's closest approach to Earth in 2009. It indeed was bright, as it cast shadows onto the OSNW3 webcam image. I was all excited to get the rise and set of this moon on a daily video, and as I was putting it together I found out the software that takes care of those responsibilities crashed. Never the less, some of the Full Wolf Moon was captured... watch the video by clicking here.


Lake Superior
Thinking about the big lake after reading an article about the Madeline Island ferry making its final journey until next spring (via Northern Wisconsin Weather) I surfed through some of my archived photos of it. I came across the photo below and thought I'd share it. (more) The photo captures some LES bands off in the distance and an almost frozen Lake Superior shoreline.

(Marquette, MI - Looking North/Northwest - Feb 19, 2005)


Front Of House
Not much has changed around here since last week. From the photo you can tell I recently dragged the Christmas tree off the front porch. Little pieces of a dry Fraser Fir are scattered about.

(FOH - Jan 11, 2008)


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