Below Average

It's been a dry January thus far. One day this past week saw accumulating snow. It was light only adding up to 0.1". The week wasn't a total washout, however, as on 5 of the 7 days we did see snowflakes or a trace of precip. We are currently 7" below the monthly snowfall average and 0.77" below the monthly precipitation average. There is a week left of the month. Perhaps we'll get there, but it doesn't look good. As for temperatures, we've been hovering around seasonable. (OSNW3 January Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | Jan 1 - 25)
Max temp: 25.6 / 21.2 / -4.4
Min temp: 13.3 / 4.9 / -8.4

(January 2009 Precipitation)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.58"
Snow.... 5.5"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 1.35"
Snow.... 12.4"
Precip.. (0.77")
Snow.... (7.0")


Freezing Fog
We had our hand dealt with freezing fog the morning of Jan 23. It was minimal, but none the less, Oshkosh was coated. Some not so good photos taken by me are located HERE. Derek (NW Wisconsin Weather) has a couple shots of the fog in his neck of the woods and on a more intense scale, Bob (WX Ranger NW) has some great photos of the occurrence in the Pacific Northwest.

(Freezing Fog - Jan 23, 2009)


Ice Volcanoes of Lake Superior's South Shore
A good friend of mine brought an interesting and fun link to my attention this past week. An excerpt from the page along with a photo and the link are below. If not for the volcanoes, visit this page regardless, for there are other interesting links to navigate. I hope to see some volcanoes when I visit Marquette, MI in Feb.

Ice volcanoes commonly occur during the winter months along the north shore of Lake Superior. Cones begin to form at the leading edge of the ice shelf as it builds out into the lake. When the waves, driven by strong onshore winds, feel bottom they build and break onto the ice shelf. After the ice shelf has built out, waves continue to travel underneath the ice and are forced up through cracks and previously formed cones.

Ice Volcanoes of Lake Superior's South Shore


Front Of House
We have less snow on the ground this week then last. I am just glad temps are staying below freezing.

(FOH - Jan 23, 2008)