November Is Here

This past week OSNW3 experienced some "typical" November weather. The daily temps traversed like a roller coaster and 4 out of 7 days saw measurable liquid precipitation. The 24 hour period ending Nov 14 recorded 0.33" of rain (radar loop) with a max temp just short of 50, while the max temp on Nov 10 struggled to break the freezing point. (OSNW3 November Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2007 / 2008 | Nov 1 - 16)
Max temp: 48.5 / 50.8 / +2.4
Min temp: 33.9 / 38.2 / +4.3

(November 2008 Precipitation)
2008 Monthly Total
Precip 0.86
Snow 0.0
Oshkosh Average
Precip 2.51
Snow 4.0
Precip (1.65)
Snow (4.0)


Front Of House
Due to the front of the house not changing it's look much this past week I thought I would venture out and take a photo of something else. On my bike ride home after a ripping Packers victory I paused for a moment to take in the scenery. Below is a loosely put together panoramic view looking northwest down the Fox River from the Oshkosh Ave bridge.

(Fox River - Looking Northwest - Nov 16, 2008)


Our pal Mike Reed who lives in Minneapolis, MN had a snowy accumulation out his backdoor on Nov 12. (radar loop)

(Minneapolis, MN - Nov 12, 2008)