Finally! It's here. Shorter days, cooler temperatures, and best of all... weather. Autumness! We enjoyed the First frost of the season at OSNW3 this past Friday as the low temp dipped to 35.6. Another frost occurred the following day as it bottomed out at 35.6 for the second day in a row. Even with the cool and refreshing air of last week it's almost certain we'll see a couple more mild days topping out above 70 this month. However we can't totally rule out snow, either. October has averaged 0.1" since 1971 here in Oshkosh. The climate data concludes that most of any snow that fell in October over the years has fallen near the end if not the last day of the month. A snowy Halloween 2008 would be a treat!

(Temp Comparison 2007 / 2008 | Oct 1 - 6)
Max temp: 71.3 / 57.7 / -13.6
Min temp: 57.4 / 39.3 / -18.0

(October 2008 Precipitation)
2008 Monthy Total

Precip 0.58
Snow 0.0
Oshkosh Average
Precip 2.20
Snow 0.1
Precip (1.62)
Snow (0.1)


Color Report
We're seeing a lot of yellow and brown around here. In my opinion the area is lacking in color this Autumn. I would venture a guess that a dry August and September has had something to do with it. Keep up on the latest color changes state wide from Travel Wisconsin Fall Color Report.

(Tree Across Street - Oct 7, 2008)

(Tree Out Back - Oct 7, 2008)

For a little taste of what it's like in the Keweenaw Peninsula check out the photos John Dee posts in his Journal (direct link) entries. Another great color change this past week.

(Photo From John Dee's October 5th Journal Entry - A must read)