Similar Endings

Another Summer like week, this past week, with above average temperatures and plentiful sunshine. The past nine days have seen max temps above 70. The temperature graph, below, comparing this September with last September concludes that both months ended quite similar. It's an interesting graph, showing a similar sine wave with this September being a bit less dramatic. One difference is, however, no frost occurred this September... but, the second coolest reading this month (48.0°, coolest reading 47.8° on Sep 9) did come on the same day as the first frost & coolest reading in September 2007 (39.4°), Sep 15. To date the overall max temp comparison, 71.4/71.3 (-0.01) and overall min temp comparison, 55.8/56.1 (+0.03), are very similar as well.

Overall precipitation is at 37% of average (1.29 of 3.47). It's been a very dry September.

(OSNW3 Observations | Sep 22 - 28, 2008)


Color Report
Leaves are changing slowly here at OSNW3. A few more patches of color have sprung, and the "mainly green" status of last week is fading. Thanks to Derek, NW Wisconsin Weather, for pointing out the types of trees I photograph for my color update in a recent comment. Keep up on the latest color changes in Derek's area and state wide from Travel Wisconsin Fall Color Report. For a little taste of what it's like in the Keweenaw Peninsula check out the photos John Dee posts in his Journal (direct link) entries. Great color change over the past couple of weeks.

(Tree Across Street - Sep 28, 2008)

(Tree Out Back - Sep 28, 2008)

(Town of Vinland - Sep 26, 2008)


National Weather Service - GRB - Open House
A long time pal of OSNW3, Casey Kessenich, attended the open house at the NWS GRB office this past Saturday. He has graciously posted his pictures and videos for us to check out. I wish I could have been in attendance! Casey summed it up as a "lasting experience".

(Photo courtesy of CK - Green Bay, WI - Sep 27, 2008)