Today is day 216 of 2008. 150 days remain. The first three days of August in 2008 have been uneventful weather wise here in Oshkosh. Temperatures have been average with dewpoints hovering in the low 60's. One storm rolled through this past week bringing only minor accumulations of precipitation. (0.03")

(OSNW3 Observations | Jul 28 - Aug 3, 2008)


Days With Sunshine
Ever since I've been adding a daily weather description to the OSNW3 observations, I've been keeping track of the amount of days with sunshine in them. For two consecutive years, the month of July has seen the sun each and every day. Days with Sun


Broken Record
July of 2008 had a daily precipitation record broken. 1.66" fell in the 24hr period ending Jul 20. Monthly Extremes