Jul 27, 2008

Summer In Full Swing

This past week, Jul 19-26, we were in Waldport, Oregon. MarkMartin and Sarah took over the responsibilities of the OSNW3 observations in our absence. Sarah was lucky enough to have the opportunity of measuring her first 1"+ precipitation total! Quite a gully washer from what we can tell with 1.66" falling. (radarloop) The week preceding we saw some active weather as well. On Jul 16 a line of thunderstorms (radar) dropped 1.00" into the OSNW3 raingauge and allowed for a nice photo opp in Neenah. Thanks to Rebecca Shuld, a WFRV-TV 5 Meteorologist, one of my photos made the 5 o'clock newscast!

(OSNW3 Observations | Jul 14 - Jul 27, 2008)


Month To Date
We have received 140% of an Oshkosh average precipitation for the month of July here at OSNW3. (5.04" of 3.58") Temperatures have been typical (79.0) averaging just 0.4 degrees below last July (79.4) which is a couple degrees below Oshkosh's monthly average (81).


Oregon's Central Coast
There are many climate variations from here to there and I hope to have some time to describe them with photos. This portion is for now... under construction... check out the entire photo album.


EAA - AirVenture Oshkosh!
Oh yeah, the EAA is in town. The NWS GRB put together an Oshkosh Weather Briefing. Check it out!