Dawg Days of Summer?

Not quite. It has been fairly mild with only a few warm and humid days. Nothing hot and humid as of yet. The last weeks of June and the first week of July brought dry conditions. This past week, however, the rains again came on an almost daily basis.

(OSNW3 Observations | Jun 30 - Jul 13, 2008)


Noteworthy Events
Two OSNW3 daily movies worth posting. The first is from Jun 30, which I thought was a "perfect" day. The shadows are hypnotizing. The second is from Jul 10 where 0.92" of rain fell in about an hour between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. You can see how the rain comes down like a blanket. Try watching both, starting them at the same time. :)

(OSNW3 daily movie - Jun 30)

(OSNW3 daily movie - Jul 10) / (radar)

Two lines of thunderstorms rolled through in 24 hours spanning Jul 11 and Jul 12. The second line brought strong winds that woke me from a deep slumber around 2am on the 12th. That morning we could certainly feel the cooler drier air in it's wake. 0.42" fell from the two storms.

(Radar Loop - Jul 11-12, 2008)


Cloud Appreciation
Not a cloud in the sky!

(Neenah, WI - Jul 9, 2008)