June is in full swing. Heat, humidity, and heavy rain. We witnessed the highest max temp of the season at OSNW3 on Saturday (86.4°), along with the largest 24hr precipitation observation for the month of June (1.14"). Plenty of thunder, lightning, and rain the past week (2.25"). Only eight full days in and already 61% of average precipitation (3.66") for the month has fallen. As I type, the back yard is flooded and the basement is wet once again due to the massive amounts of rain we are currently receiving. (OSNW3 Monthly Extremes)

(OSNW3 Observations | Jun 2 - 8, 2008)


Monday mornings observation brought new observation records to OSNW3. Sundays precipitation total measured 3.51" making it the largest precipitation observation ever at OSNW3, bringing the monthly total for June to 5.76", 157% of average.


Adventure and Excitement
As the week progressed I paid close attention to the weather near Minnesota's shoreline of Lake Superior. Our friend Justin is biking around Lake Superior this month and happened to be in that area. Nathan, a blog author (Northern Wisconsin Weather) and weather observer in Washburn, WI mentioned water across highways in Cook Cty, MN. It just so happened Justin was biking through Cook Cty at the time. Road Under Water (photos on Flickr - entire set)


Cloud Appreciation
On Saturday evening I witnessed what would seem to be Mammatus clouds. This was the first time I have ever been an eye witness to such clouds. I snapped a photo immediately.

(OSNW3 Looking Southeast - Jun 7, 2008)