The 75 Year Storm

Then the rains came. A whole months worth of precipitation fell in a matter of hours this past Thursday, along with the all-time max 24hr precipitation observation at OSNW3, again. It now stands at 5.32". Temperatures this past week were a bit below average, but nothing unbearable. We are currently averaging a max temp of 1.1° lower then last June through the first 15 days.
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The 75 Year Storm
In all of my 11 years living in Oshkosh I have never witnessed this kind of flooding. 50% of the homes in the city experienced some sort of flood damage totaling an estimated $13 million. The deluge was caught on video via the OSNW3 webcam. As you can see, the heaviest precipitation came during the hours of 5 and 6 o'clock.
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(OSNW3 - Jun 12, 2008)

(The Lasky Estate - Jun 13, 2008)