Flip the Script

A refreshing turn around spilled into the area as the third week of May chugged along. Temperatures surpassed daily averages and sunshine was abundant. A few systems did pass through, but only depositing minor amounts of precipitation. Rainfall is lacking this month. OSNW3 has recorded 0.70", only 23% of average through the first 18 days.

(OSNW3 Observations | May 12 - 18, 2008)

In keeping the comparison of temperatures from this May to last May, this May is still 3.6°F on average, below last May. Although 4 of the past 5 days have been either at or above average, a system moved through on Saturday night and in it's wake brought cooler temperatures. Sunday's high temperature maxed out at 60.1°F. A 14.2°F drop from Saturday's high temperature. (Sunday's data is not indicated on the graph as it will be recorded on Monday the 19th. All data recorded at OSNW3 is of the previous 24 hours)


Cloud Appreciation
On Saturday I took a quick jaunt to Lake Winnebago, as it was a fine day for cloud gazing. As you can tell from the photo(s) below, my "photoshopping" skills may not be completely honed in, nor my consecutive "snapshooting" techniques to merge into a flawless panoramic, but none the less, it was a fine day to keep your eye to the sky as the clouds above were rapidly on the move.

(Millers Bay, Lake Winnebago Looking East - May 17, 2008)