Cinco de Mayo

Remember last week? I barely do, but as I was finally able to sit down and think back weatherwise, I remembered it snowed early last week! We received what would seemingly be our last flakes of the season as the snow wasn't able to accumulate here in Oshkosh. Snow in May? Stranger things have happened, and as this season has proven, do not count it out. As May moves in we've experienced light accumulations of rain and below average temperatures with today being the fairest of the past eight. No snow yet, thankfully!

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 28 - May 5, 2008)

(Neenah, WI - Apr 28, 2008)


The Spring Itch Classic
Our golf tour has seen better weather. However, this past event wasn't the worst conditions we've ever played in. We've played in some sleet in the UP a while back. Unfortunately I have no photos to prove it, just memories. The course conditions this past Friday and Saturday were much better in Stevens Point at SentryWorld then in Nekoosa at Lake Arrowhead Lakes, but weatherwise it was just the opposite. We had an hour delay on Friday at SentryWorld because of a few thunderstorms that reared their ugly heads on top of the cold, breezy, and rainy conditions. On Saturday at Lake Arrowhead it rained early then as the day wore on the clouds started to break and the evening turned out to be beautiful. Below is a group photo of the seven crazies that braved the horrid golfing conditions... along with a link for a wikked golf shot played out of the water - in video format.

(Nekoosa, WI - May 3, 2008)


I was astonished to hear about the snow that fell in WY and SD from this past storm system. Amazing. Snow Reports | Radar Loop