Chilly Beginning

Now that May has been here for almost two weeks some folks are starting to complain about how "chilly" this Spring has been. Most are waiting patiently for that first, real, warm up.

(OSNW3 Observations | May 6 - 11, 2008)

Due to the "chilly" start, I have compared last years start to May to this years start to May. We are averaging 5.6°F below last years average hi temp for the first 11 days. It doesn't seem like much, but looking at the graph below, the past four days have been considerably cooler then last years. I believe that is the warm up most people are expecting and craving. Unfortunately an extended warm up is not in our near future.


Lake Flies Have Hatched
I took a bike ride out to Lake Winnebago on Sunday and as I got closer I could sense the lake flies had hatched. BAM! In my ears, eyes, nose, and mouth... gosh I hate those things. They're everywhere near the lakes edge right now. They do disappear a few blocks away from the lake and are completely not an issue at OSNW3. I can hear them buzzing around my head as I type this. *shiver*

(Lake Flies - May 11, 2008)


Cloud Appreciation
After a good 20 minutes of researching the clouds pictured below I am completely stumped on what to classify them. I want to say Nimbostratus, but most descriptions claim precipitation is included. There wasn't any precipitation with these. If anyone can set me straight, it would be appreciated. :)

(Fox River Looking West - May 11, 2008)