Spring Is Near

Besides the daily snow melt, March thus far has been quite inactive. Not much going on as far as Winter weather. The forecast calls for some Wintry precipitation early this week, but nothing significant for the Oshkosh area. After that, more seasonable temperatures and dry conditions.

(Looking West - Mar 16, 2008)

(Looking East - Mar 16, 2008)


Athelstane Weather has an amazing webcam set up. Take a gander and click around. The webcams are everywhere. I especially enjoy the movies. Also... for the first time, I have stumbled across a NWS COOP Observer's website! Observer ID ELRW3, in Eau Clarie, WI. I have a feeling there are many more out there, I just haven't come across them.


I created my first webcam movie. I can't wait until next Winter. Obviously, it's still in "Demo" mode. Figuring out what software is best.