Spring Has Arrived

Amazingly, today, Sunday March 30th marks the "official" first day of Spring here at OSNW3. According, of course, to the "Ever Evolving Definition of Actual" for the length of a Winter Season as humbly defined by Northern Wisconsin Weather (Nathan) and myself. The exact definition I use may or may not be the same as Nathan uses to define his "actual". We'll see how it evolves! I've put my data together and generated a graphical representation of the past two Winter Seasons.


This past week was real quiet weather wise. The only remaining snow is the leftover removal piles or shaded areas. Our pussy willow tree is budding and the birds are getting their chirp on. The week ahead has us gearing up for big rains forecasted Monday and Tuesday with temps hovering slightly below or at average. (47-48F)

(Looking West - Mar 30, 2008)

(Looking East - Mar 30, 2008)


In the OSNW3 Daily Movie for Mar 21, 2008 it looked as if the Easter Bunny stole the American flag. Below is an explanation of what happened / may have went wrong from MarkMartin, the observer on duty that weekend. Quite entertaining, if nothing else. :)

INDEED, I was happy to see the time-lapse video of the OSNW3 weather station from last week Friday. I was hopeful that the American flag would withstand the ice-cold grip of the Easter Bunny's "lucky" feet, but alas, somehow that little shit got it ... and I feel obliged, as a devout FUNKster and official OSNW3 precipitation observer, to explain what went wrong: my best efforts to properly secure the flag to the wooden post were superseded by the necessity for accurate precipitation measurements; the position of the flag could not interfere with the natural accumulation of snow in the four-inch precipitation gauge. As a result, the flag was weakly mounted to the post, making it super-easy for the Easter Bunny to snag it ... and therefore, I must announce that OSNW3 is consequently engaged in a monumental battle of "CAPTURE THE FLAG" ... with the cute and elusive Easter Bunny.

-- MarkMartin - March 26, 2008