Down State

With the impending snowstorm about to barage Southeastern Wisconsin we decided to reroute our travels to Ann Arbor and go north around Lake Michigan instead of south.

(Mackinac Bridge - Mar 21, 2008)

The majority of the drive remained weather free until the snow started falling near Flint and the next thing I knew I was driving in my third snowstorm of the season. We drove through the snowstorm for an hour or more before arriving in Ann Arbor. The snow piled up throughout the day and when we reached our destination there was a few inches on the ground.

(Ann Arbor, MI - Mar 21, 2008)

On Saturday I spent about 10 hours helping my buddy, Ryan, plow parking lots and driveways. The temps warmed up quite a bit during the day making the snow heavy and difficult to remove.

(Ann Arbor, MI - Mar 22, 2008)

The ride back around the south end of Lake Michigan was mainly uneventful. Witnessing the air pollution in and around Gary, IN was fairly disturbing. I've driven this route a hand full of times and never remember it quite that evident. Perhaps it was because it was back dropped by a clear blue sky this time.


OSNW3 received 1.5" from the snowstorm, bringing the season total to 78.8". Check out the first daily movie format of a 1"+ snowfall at OSNW3! (4MB)

A large thanks goes out to MarkMartin for holding down the observations in our absence! He's the man in the movies from this weekend.


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  2. Glad you made it through the snowstorm safely! I love the movies - fun to see daily fluctuations.

    Thanks for your comment, winter's last gasp? Might take me a while yet to get to the point you're at.

    Of course, there are still a few systems in the models. If the Thurs/Fri system stays to your south, the Sun one might not :)

  3. Nice forecasts and forecast graphics, scout!

    cmlnmbs, seems the models are indeed tracking the Thurs/Fri system to our south. That just may be enough time for Winter to officially end here at OSNW3. Tomorrows observation will be the fourth consecutive day of meeting our requirements. Almost to several.

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