Last Sunday night we got lightning and thunder with our rain! After the cold air wrapped in, OSNW3 measured 1.2" of new snowfall overnight and another inch early Monday morning bringing the storm total to 2.2" (radar). Action? Not so much. No lions around here. Since then it's been sunny and bright. The non-migratory birds, squirrels and rabbits are out and about looking for something eat. It's starting to feel like Spring even with day time highs below freezing and 10" of snow still on the ground.

I had to depend on my Aunt who lives in Cincinnati, OH to provide the weather for this entry. They had a level 3 emergency which meant no one was allowed on the roads except emergency vehicles. It looked pretty heavy on the radar. My Aunt estimated 8-9" total on Saturday around 930am.

(Cincinnati, OH - Mar 8, 2008)


This past week I was clicking around the CoCoRaHS site and clicked on the state of Minnesota. It brought me to a pretty neat site. I recommend checking out the "How's the Weather" write up!