Forty More!

February 2008 is creeping closer to 20+ inches of snowfall. If February exceeds the 20" mark, it will make each month this 07-08 Winter season, a 20+ month. I just read, however, we are some 40" away from breaking the all time record. I would love to be apart of such a Winter!

(Looking West - Feb 17, 2008)

(Looking East - Feb 17, 2008)

Some buddies and I attended the U.P. 200 in Marquette, MI and did a small amount of "hiking" this past weekend. The city of Marquette had a noticeable shortage of snow. The locals agreed. Turns out the snow wouldn't come until we were on our way back down to WI. We drove through the heart of the snow storm. We left Marquette around 10am and arrived in Oshkosh around 4pm. It was an exhilarating drive.