Feb 9, 2008


As the "Mega Storm" (what some people called it) dumped feet of snow just south of OSNW3, a large flock of crows, for a moment, captured all of my attention. I need to research their behavior at this point in time (video below). It seemed as if the crows knew something "big" was happening and they gathered together to ride it out.


It was painful to watch the radar during the "Mega Storm". OSNW3 received a total of only 1.9" from the "Mega Storm". Fond du lac, 15 miles south, received 9". Lake Mills, however, was directly in the thick of the snowfall. Photos taken by Chris Frey. Chris received 16" total and had to blow his driveway 4 times due to drifting.

(Lake Mills, WI - Feb 7, 2008)

(Lake Mills, WI - Feb 7, 2008)