Northwoods Cam Network

Well, it's official. OSNW3 is now apart of the Northwoods Cam Network. I am not 100% satisfied with the quality of images I am producing just yet, but I will get it resolved in the near future. Regardless, OSNW3 is out there for the world to see. Live! Thanks to John Dee for creating such a great product! I recommend checking his stuff out!

OSNW3 received 3.6" this past Friday/Saturday helping keep a solid snow pack and bringing the season total to 46.6". It's been a snowy Winter so far. I've overheard some folks saying that this Winter is reminding them of an "Old Fashioned Wisconsin Winter".

Seems Winter will be taking a back seat for a few days, though. Temperatures are expected to rise well into the 30's and might even break 40. Rain is forecasted with the system moving through Northeast WI tomorrow. Hopefully, as the system departs, we get a few inches of snow from the backside on Tuesday. Here's to hoping!